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In the years since 1973 one element of our story remains consistent. NEW was founded by farmers who saw mutual benefits in sharing resources.

The direction came from two local co-ops—one with rail capabilities and the other with additional grain to fill those outgoing trains. From the start, the idea was progressive, savvy, and practical. When we pool our resources, they said, every single farm gains momentum.
Together, our Iowa farmers buy better and sell better. Every crop year they can capitalize on the ability to produce more efficiently, too. Knowledgeable employees attracted by our vision and sense of mission help NEW Cooperative customers know what’s merely inventive and which innovations make strong economic sense. As a result, we’re always achieving something NEW!

NEW Cooperative Inc., A Timeline in Progress

Mission: To add value to our members’ farming operations.
Vision: To remain an innovative and efficient provider of today’s ag markets and services.


Members of farmers’ cooperatives in Badger and Vincent, (Northeast Webster County) Iowa agree to merge creating NEW Cooperative Inc.

During the first operational year, Duncombe farmers voted to add their rail location to the mix.



NEW Cooperative expanded to include locations in Fort Dodge, Otho and Roelyn. The unification gave NEW flexibility to load unit trains on two railroads.


Clare and Barnum area farmers joined NEW Cooperative, creating a county wide structure.


With the addition of Knierim co-op members NEW stretched its borders to Calhoun County, Iowa.


NEW Cooperative purchased private elevators in Lohrville and Rands.


Co-op shareholders in Palmer, Pomeroy, and Knoke chose to join the expanding network of NEW locations.



When farmer-owners in Humboldt decided to join with NEW, total grain-storage capacity grew to 28 million bushels at 14 locations.


In partnership with Land O’Lakes feeds, NEW Cooperative created NEW Cooperative Feed Department™ LLC.


In Pomeroy, NEW purchased the former Terra Industries agronomy location.


NEW Cooperative turned north when co-op members in Bode and LuVerne voted to merge.


Shareholders in two cooperatives to the east overwhelmingly voted to unify with NEW Cooperative. As a result Woolstock and Blairsburg farmers joined the membership.


By vote, cooperative members in Glidden, Lanesboro, and Lidderdale created a southern extension of services and brought the roster of NEW Cooperative locations to 21.


NEW Cooperative purchases land to begin construction of an agronomy location in Lanyon.


Two agronomy locations were purchased in Coon Rapids (Herbers Seeds) and Cooper. Farmers Cooperative Company of Dows merged adding locations in Dows and Rowan.


Western Iowa Co-op shareholders voted to join NEW with an eye to delivering even better buying power and technology services to farmers in the area surrounding Blencoe, Correctionville, Hornick, Mapleton, Onawa, Pierson, Sloan, Turin, Washta, and Whiting.


A new pelleting feed mill opened in Pomeroy and the Board of Directors approved the plans to build another feed mill in Rowan to become operational in the summer of 2018.

The membership of Berne Cooperative, headquartered in Ute, with another elevator location in Mapleton, voted to sell their assets to NEW Cooperative and became a part of the NEW family on August 1st.

On September 1st, NEW Cooperative, Inc. purchased a grain elevator south of Anthon, Iowa previously owned by Platinum Grain LLC. This location, built in 2012 has storage capacity of 3 million bushels and will operate well with the locations NEW Cooperative currently has in the area.


Summer of 2018, Rowan feed mill began manufacturing.


Fall of 2020, NEW Cooperative began construction of a 3 million bushel grain facility along with adding 500 ton Feed Mill to the Cooper location. Expected operation is Fall of 2021.

NEW Cooperative announced and construction began at Port of Blencoe. This 38-acre site is accessible by a hard service road from Interstate 29, making this facility the largest and most northern port on the Missouri.  When completed, the port will have the capacity to load and unload up to nine barges at a time. The new port is expected to be operational in Spring 2021.



On August 1st, the merger between NEW Cooperative and MaxYield became official.  Expanding NEW’s territory into North Central and Northwest Iowa with twenty additional facilities.


NEW Cooperative purchases agronomy locations in Ventura, Buffalo Center, and Fertile.

Cooper feed mill begins operation.


United Farmers Cooperative votes to merge with NEW Cooperative. Merger became official on September 1, 2023, expanding NEW’s Territory into Southern Iowa with an additional twenty locations.

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