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SDB: Spring Delayed Billing

What is this?

  • Spring delayed billing is for your spring inputs: seed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc.
  • If you pre-pay for these products you can realize significant savings in cash discounts.
  • The percentage amount of pre-paid discount you receive depends on when you pay.
  • The earlier you pre-pay, the larger your discount.
  • If you pre-pay, your statement will reflect a credit balance.
  • If your statement has a credit, it will note DO NOT PAY under due date.
  • As spring products are billed, they will be charged back to your account and against your pre-paid credit.
  • If and when your spring product billing exceed what you pre-paid, it will show as a balance due.
  • Even if your billings exceed your pre-paid amount, you can still save money by pre-paying before your spring balance comes due.
  • All spring balances are due August 15.

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