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With planting starting, I have been asked, “Is it too early?” and “Which hybrids should I plant?”  Soil temps have been hovering around 50° at the 4” depth. However, if you look at some of the reports on the ISU soil temperature site, you may notice some very odd readings, but for the most part, soils are warm enough to begin planting.

If soils are dry, planting can sure take place, but keep in mind there has not been any long-term data showing an advantage to planting this early.  Many growers can plant corn in a week or less so there is no reason to hurry. Even though the forecast looks favorable there is no benefit in trying to get everything planted in the first early window.  It’s easier said than done, but planting only a portion of your fields may be the best strategy.

Hybrids with the strongest emergence if planting in potentially tougher conditions are DKC44-13RIB, DKC48-12RIB, DKC48-56RIB, DKC49-29RIB, DKC49-72RIB, DKC50-82RIB, DKC52-68RIB, DKC53-56RIB, DKC53-68RIB, DKC54-38RIB, DKC55-20RIB, DKC57-97RIB, DKC58-06RIB, DKC61-54RIB, DKC63-60RIB  and DKC64-34RIB. Hybrids to avoid planting early or in tougher conditions include EBs, DKC45-65RIB, DKC46-20RIB, DKC49-94RIB, DKC52-84RIB, DKC57-75RIB, DKC62-77RIB  and DKC62-97RIB.

The 48-hour forecast is your friend.  If there is a foreseeable drop in temperature and rain is predicted, it is best to wait, even though planting conditions are good.  



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