Protecting Your Nitrogen Investment


Centuro™ Denitrification Study
Spring will be here before you know it and soon it will be time to be out in the fields once again. And if you’re a grower applying anhydrous ammonia, timing is everything since spring weather can be somewhat unpredictable. If wet weather does make an appearance and disrupts your plans, set yourself up for success now and plan in advance for how you’ll minimize nitrogen loss risks.

Objective: To evaluate Centuro, a nitrification inhibitor (Pronitridine) used to inhibit the oxidation of ammoniacal nitrogen to nitrate nitrogen. In this study, Centuro is tank mixed with 36
Gal/A. UAN 32% nitrogen and applied via dual band Conceal® system at 1.5 Gal/Ton.

Results: Due to persistent rainfall and saturated soil conditions, Centuro offered protection to nitrogen losses and proved yield gains of +10.5 Bu/A. (Table 1).
Table 2. illustrates a positive return on investment of +$28.41/A. as a result.
See Centuro page link for table illustrations and details.
Centuro Page

Visit with your local NEW Cooperative Agronomist on opportunities to minimize nitrogen loss risk.

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