Pomeroy Fire Department Benefits from NEW Cooperative Contribution


L to R: Daniel DeVore and Adam Passow from the Pomeroy Fire Department accept the contribution from Marlyn Holtorf, NEW Pomeroy location manager, Holly Reicks, NEW communications specialist and Chris Blair, NEW Region 4 manager.

The NEW Cooperative Foundation recently contributed $5,000 to the Pomeroy Fire Department. The contribution will be used to update equipment.

“Our rescue and quick attack truck serves a dual purpose for us,” said Daniel DeVore, Pomeroy Fire Chief. “It is used in field and grass fire mitigation and during rescue operations for vehicular accidents. This upgrade will remove the old utility body and pump, replacing them with a new flat bed, toolboxes, and high-pressure water system. The conversion will make the truck lighter, more agile and disperse water more efficiently.”

“NEW Cooperative has long supported fire departments and first responders in our local communities. Once this truck upgrade is completed, the Pomeroy Fire Department will be more efficient in their service in emergencies and will require fewer fire fighters for grass and field fires. NEW is excited to be a part of this fundraising campaign,” stated Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative Communication Director.

The Pomeroy Fire Department continues its fundraising efforts for this project and has already secured funds through fundraising meals, CRP burning operations and through other grant opportunities.

About NEW Cooperative, Inc. and the NEW Cooperative Foundation 

NEW Cooperative, Inc. is a farmer-owned grain, agronomy, energy and feed cooperative headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa. As a leading agriculture retailer, NEW Cooperative is focused on being an innovative and efficient provider of today’s agriculture markets and services to 8,000 members throughout their 60 locations in Iowa.

The NEW Cooperative Foundation is the charitable giving entity of NEW Cooperative, Inc. The Foundation is committed to investing in organizations that are dedicated to youth and education, human services, and civic purposes that further enhance the quality of life in our member’s local communities.

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