NEW Cooperative Hams for Hunger


NEW Cooperative Hams for Hunger Event 2020

Fort Dodge, IA- For the fourth year in a row, NEW Cooperative held their annual Hams for Hunger Event. A total of 2,000 hams were donated throughout NEW Cooperative’s trade territory.

On Tuesday, December 8th, 1,200 hams were handed out to Webster County residents who were provided a voucher by NEW Cooperative’s partner in the program, Upper Des Moines Opportunity Inc.

“The hams came from Webster City Custom Meats. The hogs were fed with local corn grown by NEW Cooperative’s farmers, and now the hams are feeding the people. The perfect example of agriculture coming full circle”, stated Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative Communications Director.

Throughout the rest of the week, 800 more hams were delivered to 15 local food pantries in NEW Cooperative’s trade territory.

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