NEW Cooperative Hams for Hunger


NEW Cooperative Hams for Hunger

Fort Dodge, IA-The week of December 10th NEW Cooperative, Inc. held the 5th Annual Hams for Hunger Event. Since 2017, NEW Cooperative has donated over 10,000 hams to the in-need population.  

“NEW Cooperative members raise grain and livestock to feed the world. We feel it is important to help the in-need population with a ham to ensure a high-quality holiday dinner.” stated Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative’s Communications Director. “The hams donated are purchased from Webster City Custom Meats. The hogs are raised and processed locally and fed with local corn grown by NEW Cooperative’s farmers and now the hams are feeding our communities. The perfect example of agriculture coming full circle.” 

Throughout the week, NEW Cooperative delivered 2,600 hams to 27 local food pantries in 22 towns in NEW Cooperative’s trade territory. The area served is from Monona County in western Iowa, north to Dickson County and east to Wright County, encompassing 19 counties in Iowa. 


About NEW Cooperative, Inc. & the NEW Cooperative Foundation  

NEW Cooperative, Inc. is a farmer-owned grain, agronomy, energy and feed cooperative headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa. As a leading agriculture retailer, NEW Cooperative is focused on being an innovative and efficient provider of today’s agriculture markets and services to over 8,000 members throughout their 60 locations in Iowa.  

The NEW Cooperative Foundation is the charitable giving entity of NEW Cooperative, Inc. The Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that are dedicated to youth and education, human services, and civic purposes that further enhance the quality of life in our member’s local communities.  

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