NEW Cooperative Donates to Duncombe Public Library


The NEW Cooperative Foundation is pleased to present a donation to the Duncombe Public Library. NEW Cooperative is proud to support our local libraries as they are dedicated to providing service to our Duncombe community.

On Friday, February 8, 2019, Daniel Schmauss NEW Cooperative Region 1 Manager, Steve Daniels, NEW Cooperative Duncombe Location Manager, and Don Campbell of NEW Cooperative representing the NEW Cooperative Foundation presented a check to the Duncombe Public Library in the total amount of $250.00


About NEW Cooperative, Inc. & the NEW Cooperative Foundation

NEW Cooperative, Inc. is a farmer-owned grain, agronomy, energy and feed cooperative headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa. As a leading agriculture retailer, NEW Cooperative is focused on being an innovative and efficient provider of today’s agriculture markets and services to over 4,600 members throughout their 39 locations in Iowa.

The NEW Cooperative Foundation is the charitable giving entity of NEW Cooperative, Inc. The Foundation is committed to investing in organizations that are dedicated to youth and education, human services, and civic purposes that further enhance the quality of life in our member’s local communities.


Picture from L to R: Eric Klien, Duncombe Public Library Board Member, Steve Daniels of NEW Cooperative, Arrin Lura, Duncombe Public Library, Dan Schmauss of NEW Cooperative, and Don Campbell of NEW Cooperative.

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