NEW Cooperative Contributes to Red Oak Music Boosters


NEW Cooperative Foundation Contributes to Red Oak Music Boosters

The Red Oak Music Boosters recently received a donation of $2,000 with contributions from the NEW Cooperative Foundation and Land O’ Lakes. The mission of the Red Oak Music Boosters is to support teachers and encourage students in all aspects of the music program.

The contribution from the Foundation and Land O’ Lakes will go towards the purchases of a 16 ft. enclosed cargo trailer for the use of the music department. The trailer will be utilized to transport instruments for contests and performances the band will be participating during the year/

“NEW Cooperative is a proud supporter of its local communities and the volunteers that help provide resources for the youth in the schools and communities,” stated Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative Communications Director.

Pictured Left to Right:

BreeAnn Fisher, NEW Cooperative Accountant, Stacy Querry, Alicia Johnson, Missy Torbett, Dawn LeRette, all with the Red Oak Music Boosters, and Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative Communications Director.


About NEW Cooperative, Inc. and the NEW Cooperative Foundation 

NEW Cooperative, Inc. is a farmer-owned grain, agronomy, energy and feed cooperative headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa. As a leading agriculture retailer, NEW Cooperative is focused on being an innovative and efficient provider of today’s agriculture markets and services to 12,000 members throughout their 80 locations in Iowa.

The NEW Cooperative Foundation is the charitable giving entity of NEW Cooperative, Inc. The Foundation is committed to investing in organizations that are dedicated to youth and education, human services, and civic purposes that further enhance the quality of life in our member’s local communities.

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