NEW Cooperative Announces 2020 Patronage Rates


NEW Cooperative 2020 Patronage Rates

In today’s ag economy, NEW Cooperative believes it is important to get money back into our members hands.

NEW Cooperative also believes deferred equity belongs to the members currently using NEW Cooperative as evident by no members equity being more the 7 years old.

For the recent year-end, NEW Cooperative is paying 50% cash on the 2020 patronage allocation, as well as revolving 2014 local deferred equity of 5.6 million dollars and 2013 regional deferred equity of 4.4 million dollars for total cash payout of over 19 million dollars.

2020 patronage rates are 10 cents per bushel on grain purchases and 6 percent on agronomy sales and service.

NEW Cooperative members earn patronage refunds of 35 dollars per acre on corn acres and 15 dollars per acre on soybean acres.

For full details on 2020 Patronage Rate follow link below.

2020 Patronage Rates


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