Major Grain Expansion at Duncombe Location


Fort Dodge, IA – The Board of Directors and Management of NEW Cooperative are pleased to announce the expansion of our Duncombe Location. The major expansion will include a new 750,000-bushel concrete silo, an additional pit, and a 20,000 – bph leg as well.

Duncombe is one of NEW’s largest grain and feed locations. Dan Dix, NEW Cooperative General Manager stated, “Duncombe’s feed mill utilizes 100% of all the corn it originates. Due to storage limitations and demand of corn at that site, corn must be hauled out of that location in the fall, only to be hauled back when space is available. The “double-hauling” is costly, inefficient, and does not make sense to NEW or the feed customer. Duncombe was the third facility to join NEW in late 1973 and has been a corner-post to NEW’s success ever since. Thank you to the area members that have allowed us to build such a long-term successful location.” NEW Cooperative expects the Duncombe expansion to be completed by harvest.


NEW Cooperative, Inc is a farmer-owned grain, agronomy, energy, and feed cooperative with 39 locations throughout western and northwest region of Iowa. In addition to their continually strong grain services, NEW Cooperative also offers feed, fertilizer and seed resources through a professional staff and quality facilities.   Further agronomic opportunities in soil mapping, site-specific field management and precision technology services are offered through their Precision Ag department. The service and solutions found at NEW Cooperative demonstrate that they continue to be an innovative and efficient provider for today’s agriculture producer

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