Announcing 2021 Patronage Rates


NEW Cooperative is pleased to announce our 2021 patronage rates of 8 cents per bushel on grain and 6% on agronomy inputs.

NEW Cooperative’s Board of Directors also approved paying 100% of the 2021 qualified patronage dividends in cash this year, as well as revolving the 2015 local deferred equity.  These two checks will be distributed early December 2021.

When coupled with the recently received 2014 regional deferred, this equates to $22.7 million in cash sent back to our membership and the communities we serve since this past September.

Dan Dix, General Manager stated, “The Board of Directors and management understand the importance of getting money back into the member hands that are currently using NEW Cooperative. We demonstrate this by having no members equity more than 7 years old. All of us at NEW Cooperative thank our membership for their continued loyalty and support as well as the best employee team in the business that makes this all possible.”

Additional Information can be found here: 2021 Patronage Rates FINAL27

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