NEW Cooperative Supports Klemme Fire Department

The NEW Cooperative Foundation recently provided a contribution totaling $2,500 to the Klemme Fire Department. The contribution will be used to purchase new extraction equipment, often referred to as the “Jaws of Life.” NEW Cooperative also presented an additional $2,500 in matching funds from the Land O’Lakes Foundation.

“With the new equipment we will be able to serve our area better in emergencies that arise,” said Klemme Fire Chief Kenneth Weiland. “Whether its fires, accidents or emergencies that occur on the farm or at the co-op, our department will be better equipped to handle them.”

NEW Cooperative Communications Director, Gary Moritz, stated “We are happy to help their fundraising efforts and support their mission of serving the Klemme area when difficult situations arise. We also appreciate the support of the Land O’ Lakes Foundation in providing matching funds.”

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