2016 Summer Interns Join the Team!


NEW Cooperative was very excited to welcome their new 2016 summer interns on May 9th.  This year there are a total of fifteen interns coming from Iowa State University and Morningside College.  The interns had orientation their first day in Fort Dodge and were welcomed by some of the NEW Coop staff.  Dan Dix, General Manager covered a brief history of the coop and spoke about some current events and construction projects within the company.  During the orientation the interns also learned from Justin Reuter, HR Coordinator about the culture and climate within NEW Coop. Justin also talked about how important it is to work together to solve issues and to remain a team in their time at NEW. We are very excited to welcome these interns to the NEW Cooperative employee team for the summer!

Agronomy                                          Operations                                          Grain

Olivia Brand                                        Ashton Fehr                                         Cassie Stumpf

Spencer Nerhus                                 Austin Behrendsen                             

Braden Holtorf                                   Konrad Laufersweiler                         Communications

Kole Kierscht                                       Dillon Fevold                                        Torrie Ferrari

Jack Walstrom                                    Cole Becker

Connor Vitzthum                                Dillon Timm

David Houge



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