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Operations Internship

Location: Open

Description: To receive training in the overall operations and management of NEW Cooperative locations. Responsible for promoting and providing products and services, which will ensure profitable farming operations and satisfy member needs while enhancing the cooperative’s goals and objectives.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Include but not limited to the following:

• Ensures a safe work environment as outlined by NEW Cooperative’s policies and procedures

• Gain experience by assisting in the following:

o Communication with local farmers and customers

o Daily operations of the location.

o Equipment operations including custom application of fertilizer and pesticides and the hauling of grain.

o Equipment maintenance and record-keeping.

o Receiving and managing the quality of grain

o Settling grain on a timely basis.

o Train loading

o Maintain communication with the supervisor concerning grain quality checks and available inventory.

o Accurate billing of products sold and services provided.

o Attaining the sales and budget goals of the location.

o Developing competitive marketing strategies.

o Solicits new business and is responsible for maintaining a positive image of New Cooperative within the community.

o Preparing budgets for fixed assets and rolling stock needed at the location.

Job Requirements: 

• Must have a valid driver’s license and insurable to drive.


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