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Location Manager – Ute, IA


Location: Ute

Classification: Full-time

Description: Plan, supervise, and coordinate a large group of location personnel while directing operations in a manner that will optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve the cooperative’s efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.

Job Performance Skills:


Gains the support of others. Builds voluntary cooperation through credibility, expertise, influence, and persuasion. Generates excitement, enthusiasm, and commitment to the group’s mission. Links organization’s mission/vision/values to everyday work. Sees the potential in people, opportunities, and events. Willing to change or abandon current practices and programs when necessary. Takes appropriate risks to improve performance, try something new, or reach a challenging goal. Communicates clear and demanding expectations.

Job Knowledge/Technical Skills

Is an expert in doing his/her job. Serves as a resource to others. Has a great deal of relevant experience. Makes good suggestions about ways to improve. Makes active efforts to stay up-to-date. Requires minimal supervision.


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of her/his work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Do not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems. Carries his/her fair share of the workload.

Cost Consciousness

Stays within budget. Deals promptly with budget variances. Develops cost-saving measures and recommendations. Actively avoids waste or misuse of supplies and assets. Makes realistic budget projections.

Adaptability/Flexibility/Change Management

Adapts easily to changing conditions and work responsibilities. Promptly switch strategies or tactics if the current ones are not working. Works comfortably with people of widely differing styles, temperaments, and preferences. Deals maturely with anger, frustration, and disappointment. Bounces back quickly from setbacks and frustrations. Is able to see the merits of positions other than his/her own.

Ethics and Integrity

Respect and maintains confidentiality. Admits mistakes in spite of the potential for negative consequences. Presents unpleasant or disagreeable facts in an appropriate manner. Keeps promises; meets goals and deadlines. Avoids situations and associations that could be considered inappropriate. Honest in all dealings. Upholds and models the organization’s values.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Include but not limited to the following:

• Supervise location personnel and daily operations.

• Ensures a safe work environment as outlined by NEW Cooperative’s policies and procedures

• Responsible for all agronomy and grain equipment, equipment maintenance, and record-keeping.

• Keeps accurate inventory of all grain and agronomy products.

• Maintain communication concerning grain quality and available inventory.

• Responsible for maintaining grades and timeliness of shuttle train loading.

• Responsible for the accurate billing of products sold and services provided.

• Supervise the scheduling of application equipment

• Establish and achieve the profitability and sales goals identified in the annual budget

• Assist in developing competitive marketing strategies.

• Maintains communication with local farmers and customers concerning commodity prices and trends.

• Solicits new business and is responsible for maintaining a positive image of NEW Cooperative within the community.

• Prepares budgets for fixed assets and rolling stock needed at the location.

Other Requirements:

• 3 – 5 years Cooperative site location management

• 1 – 3 years agribusiness supervisory experience

• Understand the importance of providing very high levels of customer service

• Understand the seasonality of the farm supply business and the in-season time commitment.

• Thorough understanding of grain handling equipment and processes including unit train loading.

• Complete knowledge of custom application and similar agronomy equipment

• Must have good computer skills

• Must be able to interact and effectively communicate with customers and individuals at all levels of the organization

• Must have problem-solving skills as well as being self-motivated

• Basic accounting skills for work with inventory and billing

• Acceptable driving record

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