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Grain Superintendent – Palmer, IA

Location:                              Palmer 

Classification:                     Full-time

Description:                         Oversees the grain operations of the location in a manner that will positively impact the cooperative, increase market share and savings, and achieve desired sales and profit goals.


Job Performance Skills: Includes but are not limited to the following:


Performs work in a safe manner as outlined by NEW Cooperative’s policies and procedures, including:

  • Checking the work area for hazards and correcting unsafe situations.
  • Using personal protective equipment. Maintains an organized work area.
  • Seeking guidance from the supervisor if needed and reporting unsafe conditions.
  • Considers the safety of other employees.
  • Understand and follow safety regulations for confined space entry & lock-out, tag-out(LOTO), fall protection, and personal protective equipment.


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work, including:

  • Acknowledgment and correction of mistakes.
  • Do not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems.
  • Carries a fair share of the workload.

Adaptability/Flexibility/ Change Management

Adapts easily to changing conditions and work responsibilities, including:

  • Promptly switches strategies or tactics if the current ones are not working.
  • Works comfortably with people of widely differing styles, temperaments, and preferences.
  • Deals maturely with anger, frustration, and disappointment.
  • Bounces back quickly from setbacks and frustrations.
  • Is able to see the merits of positions other than her own.

Conceptual Thinking

Makes complex ideas or situations clear, simple, and understandable, including:

  • Recognizes patterns — sees discrepancies, missing pieces, trends or interrelationships in data and situations.
  • Sees underlying issues in complex situations.
  • Can put the pieces together in order to understand the big picture.
  • Sensitive to subtleties and nuances.
  • Understands and is able to explain all sides of an issue.
  • Demonstrates considerable intellectual horsepower.
  • Thinks “outside the box.”

Initiative/Action Orientation

Self-starter; doesn’t wait to be told to take action, including:

  • Displaying a high energy level.
  • Enjoys working hard.
  • Look for opportunities to do extra work in order to help a project move along.
  • Willingly puts in extra time and effort in crisis situations.
  • Displays an obvious sense of urgency.
  • Does more than what is normally required.
  • Volunteers readily.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Includes but are not limited to the following:

  • Receiving of grain including unloading and elevation
  • Loadout of grain to trucks at correct weights and grade
  • Position/maintain quality of grain for mill usage/grind
  • Develop an understanding of all bin or storage locations and maintain records of grain inventory in each (i.e. wet/dry corn, wet/dry beans)
  • Develop an understanding and ability to blend grain to optimal grade factors utilizing the working knowledge of the grain inventory
  • Ensure that all grain quality meets expected quality standards and is maintained.
  • Maintain communication with all persons concerned regarding grain quality and inventory
  • Accountable for all-grain equipment maintenance and record-keeping
  • Responsible for all housekeeping and cleaning duties on grain facilities
  • Light preventative maintenance
  • General knowledge/willingness to assist with general agronomy operations when needed
  • Remain in complete compliance with Spill Prevention Rule for mineral oil handling (SPCC)

Job Requirements:

  • The job requires an understanding of the importance of providing very high levels of customer service and a great interest in serving in the agricultural industry.
  • The position requires an understanding of the seasonality of the farm supply business and the in-season time commitment.
  • This job requires good computer skills.
  • This job requires you to be able to interact and effectively communicate with customers and individuals at all levels of the organization
  • The position requires problem-solving skills as well as being self-motivated
  • This job requires a valid driver’s license and for the employee to be insurable to drive.
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