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Feed Mill Operator – Duncombe, IA

Classification: Full-time

Location: Duncombe

Description: To efficiently operate computerized feed manufacturing equipment to mix and process ingredients to the company specified formulations and quality guidelines. And provide related customer services in a safe and effective manner.

Shift: Operate mill during the hours of 2 p.m. to midnight.

Job Performance Skills:


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Do not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems.
Carries a fair share of the workload.


Comes to work on time every day. Is fully prepared and ready to work at beginning of the work schedule and continue until the workday is done. Makes appropriate arrangements when adverse weather or other problems might delay on-time arrival. Conforms to work hours and schedule. Let the supervisor and others know immediately when unexpected problems cause absence, lateness, or the need to leave early.

Communication Skills

Presents ideas effectively in formal and informal situations. Conveys thoughts clearly and concisely. Listens actively and attentively; asks good questions. Communicates well in writing. Keeps supervisor and coworkers informed. Shares complete and accurate information to others. Messages have the desired effect.

Initiative/Action Orientation

Displays a high energy level. Enjoys working hard. Self-starter; doesn’t wait to be told to take action. Look for opportunities to do extra work in order to help a project move along. Willingly puts in extra time and effort in crisis situations. Displays an obvious sense of urgency. Does more than what is normally required. Volunteers readily.

Quality Management

Identifies and responds quickly to all customer needs. Works to assure continuous improvement. Invites suggestions; open to experimentation. Is willing to incur costs to assure quality. Encourages others to be on the alert for defects. Develops accurate measures to assess how well a job is done. Knows when “good enough” is good enough and when it’s not.

Teamwork/ Team Player

Fulfills commitments to other team members. Puts team success ahead of individual success. Do not take the credit for others’ work. Works comfortably with all team members. Takes charge when it is necessary to facilitate an action or decision. Volunteers to help others with projects or assignments. Gives and welcomes feedback. Expresses disagreement constructively. Listens to and responds constructively to all team members. Balances team and individual responsibilities.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Maintain a safe work environment as outlined by NEW Cooperative’s policies and procedures
  • Support NEW Cooperative’s stated Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Operate computerized batch mixing equipment, receiving and load-out equipment, micro-ingredient addition, and grinding equipment
  • Maintains inventory at desired levels
  • Fulfills all reporting and record-keeping requirements
  • Follows standards of quality as outlined by QMS and other manufacturing and regulatory controls
  • Perform housekeeping duties and maintain a clean working environment
  • Assist in the maintenance of equipment

Position Requirements

  • Lifting 50-pound ingredient bags
  • The safe and effective operation of a forklift
  • Use of a full face respirator on occasion
  • Must have an acceptable driving record and be insurable to drive


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