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Agronomy Operations Manager – Region 5

Location:         Open

Classification: Full-time

Reports To:     Region 5 Manager

Description:    Manages the overall operations of the Region 5 agronomy division and provides training and leadership for the delivery of agronomy products and services, as well as oversees maintenance on equipment.

Job Performance Skills:

Communication Skills

Presents ideas effectively in formal and informal situations. Conveys thoughts clearly and concisely. Listens actively and attentively; asks good questions. Communicates well in writing. Keeps the supervisor and coworkers informed. Shares complete and accurate information with others. Messages have the desired effect.


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of his/her work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Does not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems.

Carries his/her fair share of the workload.

Time Management

Spends his/her time and the time of others on that which is genuinely important. Able to distinguish between the truly important and the merely urgent. Respects customers’ and colleagues’ time in scheduling and conducting meetings. Shows up for meetings on time, fully prepared. Works on tasks in order of importance. Realistically estimates time requirements. Makes up a schedule for jobs and sticks to it. Does work in order of importance; does first things first.

Learning and Continuous Improvement

Actively acquires new skills and competencies. Shares knowledge, skills, tools and methods with others to help them solve problems and improve performance. Treats negative feedback and experiences as learning opportunities. Seeks information and ideas from many places. Looks for better ways to perform routine parts of the job. Open to suggestions and new ideas.

Results Focus/Achievement Orientation

Sets high goals and achieves them. Measures his/her own performance and work to improve. Seeks performance feedback and uses it to get better. Stays on-task in spite of distractions and interruptions. Demonstrates persistence; meets all deadlines. Recognizes and acts on opportunities. Has a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and getting the job done. A consistent top performer.


Performs work in a safe manner at all times. Checks the work area for hazards and corrects unsafe situations. Uses personal protection equipment. Maintains an organized work area. Seeks guidance from the supervisor if needed. Considers the safety of other employees. Understands and follows safety regulations. Reports unsafe conditions.



Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Include but not limited to the following:


  • Responsible for dispatching of all custom application equipment.
    • Provides direction to agronomy operations with regards to the timing of application while taking into account weather concerns and customer requests.
  • Responsible for all agronomy equipment, equipment maintenance, and maintenance record keeping.
  • In charge of all training of custom applicators, hiring and training of outside private applicators.
    • Ensures that all continuing education requirements are met
  • Maintains all custom operator incentive programs and is responsible for all payments to private operators.
  • Ensures all custom operators are properly licensed for the tasks required.
  • Oversees aerial applicators for proper documentation of insurance and licensing
  • Participates in custom application claims review process
    • Follows proper reporting procedures and communicates with all persons involved
  • Responsible for the correct calibration of all company-owned equipment and maintains records for such.
  • Responsible for all bulk pesticide handling equipment, and the proper transportation of such equipment.
  • Ensures the company is following all regulations as they pertain to hazardous pesticides and fertilizers.
    • Complies with all EPA regulations
    • Containment regulations
  • Coordinates with Loss Control in reporting spills to proper regulatory agencies



  • Is service-oriented.
  • Tries to solve problems or answer questions that customers may have about equipment and facilities (either from personal knowledge or by referring the customer to the correct person).
  • Works extended hours as requested by the supervisor to ensure good customer service.
  • Continually upgrades and demonstrates knowledge of the job.
  • Responsible for maintaining a positive image of NEW Cooperative, Inc. within the community.
  • Works with Region Manager and Agronomists to prepare budgets for fixed assets and rolling stock needs at locations.
  • Handles customer complaints smoothly.
    • Notifies supervisor of problems.
    • Solves the problem as soon as possible, either personally, or through communication with the supervisor.
    • Refer large problems to the supervisor.
  • Promotes the company by maintaining a positive image and attitude.
    • Is always friendly, courteous and helpful.
    • Maintains a clean, neat appearance.



  • Must have an acceptable driving record
  • Must have or be willing to obtain a Class A CDL with all required endorsements
  • Position requires extensive knowledge of custom application equipment, maintenance, and repair procedures.
  • Must have knowledge of a variety of electronic hardware and software applications
  • Must be capable of remaining abreast of all regulatory and licensing requirements.
  • Must have some analytical ability in order to gather and summarize data for reports, find solutions to various operational problems, and prioritize work.
  • Must have and maintain proper licensing as required by all federal and state regulatory agencies
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