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Accounts Payable Technician – Fort Dodge, IA

Location:                  Fort Dodge 

Classification:         Full – Time

Description:            Processing and payment of invoices by verifying and completing accounts payable transactions in a manner that will optimize efficiency.


Job Performance Skills:


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the work.  Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Does not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems.  Carries a fair share of the workload.

Ethics and Integrity

Respect and maintains confidentiality. Admits mistakes in spite of the potential for negative consequences. Presents unpleasant or disagreeable facts in an appropriate manner. Keeps promises; meets goals and deadlines. Avoids situations and associations that could be considered inappropriate. Honest in all dealings. Upholds and models the organization’s values.

Planning and Organizing

Maintains well-organized materials, files, systems, and tools. Breaks work down into logical steps. Anticipates and eliminates roadblocks and delays. Stays within the allotted time for accomplishing tasks. Completes tasks in the shortest, most efficient manner. Makes sure all parts of a job are completed in full, including follow-up plans and paperwork.

 Stress Management

Maintains self-control when under pressure. Maintains a sense of humor in difficult or emotionally charged situations. Able to handle several tasks or challenges at the same time. Actively resolves conflicts and demonstrates effective conflict management skills. Controls response when provoked, attacked, annoyed, or criticized. Works effectively for multiple supervisors. 


Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities: Includes but is not limited to the following:

Accounts Payable:

Prepares work to be accomplished by gathering and sorting documents and related information by performing the following:

Daily Duties

  • Enter daily invoices
  • Move emailed invoices to File Director software
  • Move/Process other invoice types (Truck premium/hired trucks, Region Manager, Feed & Merchandise)
  • Process daily Wire Transfers and ACH transactions
  • Scan Bill of Ladings into File Director
  • Check/ACH Run (Tuesday & Thursday and as needed)

Monthly Duties

  • Close Accounts Payable at month-end and balance to General Ledger
  • Review Vendor Statements (biweekly or monthly) & follow-up on outstanding invoices

Quarterly Duties

  • Prepare quarterly Use and Sales Tax reports

Annual Duties

  • Review and mail year-end1099’s


Faxes, files, photocopies, and other clerical duties as required.

Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Stuffing checks with remittal documents and mailing


Position Requirements:

Proven accounting experience or equivalent Associate’s Degree in Accounting

Substantiated skills in keyboarding and ten-key calculator

Maintains professionalism and confidentiality

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