Consider these guidelines when applying to the NEW Cooperative Foundation.

The foundation gives highest priority to requests in the following categories: youth development and education, promoting agriculture and conservation, and community support services and development projects.

Youth Development may include:

  • Organizations such as 4-H, FFA, and collegiate agriculture clubs or groups.
  • Activities and events for young people sponsored by schools or public and private groups.
  • Events hosted by NEW Cooperative and partnering companies, for example farm safety displays, agricultural education programs, and more.

Promoting Agriculture and Conservation may include:

  • Training or educational events focused on safety, resource conservation, or educating the public about agriculture.
  • Organizations and projects that promote production agriculture to ensure its future.
  • Organizations and projects highlighting the value of conservation in the NEW Cooperative service area.                                                                                                           

Community Support Services and Development Projects may include:

  • Enhancements to emergency and medical services in rural communities.
  • Community events and celebrations as well as local civic betterment projects.
  • Fundraising events in support of community programs and projects.

Note these additional parameters before submitting a request:

  1. Benefit events for individuals and families with a direct connection to a NEW Cooperative employee or member will receive secondary consideration by the foundation and may or may not be granted funds.
  2. Requests from organizations that discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, disability, or national origin will not be considered.
  3. Requests from churches and religious organizations will not be considered, except for church-affiliated hospitals or community outreach programs.
  4. Requests supporting a political or religious view will not be considered.
  5. Requests from national organizations or campaigns or those with a scope beyond Iowa borders will not be considered.
  6. Additional Information
    • Only organizations and programs which the Internal Revenue Service recognizes as charitable will be awarded funds. All Applications must have a Tax ID/EIN number to be awarded funds.
    • Donation requests and applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the date funds are needed.
    • Upon approval of the donation request, NEW Cooperative will notify the organization.

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