Grain Internship

Grain Interns gain experience by assisting in the following:

– Develop an awareness and understanding of a variety of grain contracts

– Track industry basis levels and manage the posting of closing grain bids

– Help customers with their marketing

– Inventory and regulatory compliance

– Logistics and merchandising

– Mitigate price risk

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2023 Grain Merchandising Internship Information

Intern Testimony

Phoebe Sanders

Phoebe grew up in Eagle Grove, IA, on a 4th generation row crop family farm. She currently attends Iowa State University majoring in Agriculture Business with a minor Marketing. Phoebe has always seen NEW Cooperative being a big apart of her community but walking around ISU career fair is what sparked her interest in the company. “At the career fair you could just see that they were a very professional company and the people there were extremely personable” A normal day for Phoebe is: looking at hedge statement to make sure everything matches, adding any overnight trades, start the hedge desk when the markets open up, working on a logistics project to help promote efficiency in the company, entering overnight offers, and shipping trucks. 

Phoebe’s favorite part of her internship has been “all of the knowledge that I have gained. Getting to learn from such a knowledgeable team in the grain department, they make me feel welcomed.” “It’s fun to come to work every day.” 

Phoebe feels the biggest benefit of working with NEW Cooperative is “I think once you are here you are part of their family which is unique because sometimes when you go places and work you feel like the intern and here I don’t feel like the intern. You get to learn hands on, and I think that’s an opportunity that not a lot of kids get when they go to an internship; they have to watch someone else do it, but here they let you do it and they help you and want you to succeed. A lot of places want you to succeed but NEW is going to do everything they can to make sure succeed.”

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