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Dillion Sytsma

Dillion grew up in Lanyon, IA and currently attends the University of Northern Iowa double majoring in Accounting and Finance. Dillion saw NEW Cooperative everywhere in his community growing up so when he saw an accounting internship opportunity he was quick to apply. Dillion was interested in the chance to experience the private sector of the industry verse the public side that is taught. A normal day for Dillion is: meeting in the morning to develop a game plan, statement work, organizing statements, scanning documents, making sure the business is staying on track, updating assets, and creating CAB cards. 

Dillion’s favorite part of his internship was creating the CAB Cards and Card Binder for the NEW Cooperative.

Dillion feels the biggest benefit of working with NEW Cooperative is getting to do industry accounting, “it’s letting me explore another avenue of my degree allowing myself to better figure out what I would like to do in the future.”


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Jordan Johnson

Jordan grew up outside of Fort Dodge, IA on her family farm Johnson Corner Cattle. Through working on her family farm she found her passion for the agriculture industry along with a drive to promote the industry through photography. This drive led her to South Dakota State University were she double majors in Agriculture Communication and Agriculture Leadership with a minor in Marketing. Jordan became interested in NEW Cooperative after job shadowing the head of the communications department in high school, “it looked like a great place to work with amazing mentors.” A normal day for Jordan is: designing different media, scheduling intern events, and picturing anywhere and everything.

Jordan’s favorite part of her internship was “getting the opportunity to travel and photograph anything from corn fields, to equipment, to interns, and other professionals. All while learning and talking to many different people and hearing their stories”

Jordan feels the biggest benefit of working with NEW Cooperative is “Being able to see what I have learned on my own or in the classroom and applying those skills to a company setting. NEW Cooperative gives you a lot of opportunities to show your knowledge and show what you have been working for while in college. I am getting to use my degree and see it in action before I have it.”


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Human Resources

Rachel Ross

Rachel is from Lisbon, IA and currently studies at Iowa State University where she is double majoring in Agriculture Business and Management. She was first introduced to NEW Cooperative through there sponsorship of Iowa State Ag clubs. Rachel became interested in  NEW Cooperative through a previous mentor in the Human Resources department. A normal day for Rachel is: having a morning game plan meeting, looking at recruiting to see if anyone has applied, send out applications, making schedules, scheduling meetings, and working on new hire gifts.

Rachel’s favorite part of her internship was being able to be mentored by different supervisors and going to different NEW locations with them to learn more about the company. 

Rachel feels the biggest benefits of working with NEW Cooperative is being able to work for a big cooperative and seeing how they handle different situations as they arise. Along with being able to see how the HR department splits things up but also how they work together to get the job done. 



Caiden Baker

Caiden is from Humboldt, IA and a graduate of Iowa Central with his degree in Computer Networking. Caiden first heard about the opportunities NEW Cooperative had through one of his professors at Iowa Central, who described the position as adventurous, getting to travel around and be on top of bins. A normal day for Caiden is: have a team meeting to develop a game plan, working on point to point radios, installing new top switches, computer work, setting up new phones, and wiping and reimaging laptops.

Caiden’s favorite part of his internship was “being adventurous and not sitting down all day. I like not having a set schedule every day, I like that it’s different every day.”  

Caiden feels the biggest benefit of working with NEW Cooperative is that “Great mentors that are not sitting right behind me. I am sent out on my own and given the ability to figure things out on my own but if I do need help, I can call.”  


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