Kellan’s Kingdom Donation


On Tuesday, October 24th the NEW Cooperative
Foundation in correlation with the Land O’ Lakes Foundation donated $1,000 to
Kellan’s Kingdom in Carroll, IA. Kellan’s Kingdom is an organization of
individuals dedicated to raising the funds necessary to construct an
all-inclusive playground in Carroll. The all-inclusive playground is meant to
cater to all individuals, regardless of their age or level of ability. Kellan is a fun-loving 6 year old from the Carroll area, son of Pat & Allie Tigges.
Kellan’s parents have long dreamed of having an all-inclusive play area
where Kellan, who has a diagnosis similar to cerebral palsy and is wheelchair
bound, can play and interact with his two younger sisters and friends. The
playground has been approved by the Carroll City Council and will include the
following elements: accessibility, equal opportunity, variety and integration.


Pictured from L to R: Alicen Tigges, Kellan’s mother, Gary Moritz, NEW Cooperative and Pat, Kellan’s father and Kellan Tigges.

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