Grain Rescue Tube Donated to Coon Rapids Fire Department


NEW Cooperative recently donated a grain engulfment rescue tube to the Coon Rapids Fire Department.

After proper training, this grain engulfment rescue tube will help assist first responders in preventing fatalities that result from victims being trapped in grain bins. The tube consists of four interlocking units that form a cylinder which can be driven into the grain surrounding the individual that is trapped. When the units surround the victim, it will stop the flow and pressure of the grain. Rescue workers will then be able to remove the grain that still surrounds the victim and slowly extract them.

Dennis Knight, Safety Director at NEW Cooperative, thinks that training first responders and employees on grain handling safety is very significant. “At NEW Cooperative, we like to be ready if an accident would occur. I think it is important for local fire departments, as well as agriculture employees to have the proper training for these types of unwanted situations. This grain engulfment rescue tube is one of many ways we try and help out,” Knight explained.

Every year, rural areas continue to see grain accidents involving injuries and fatalities. This donation will ensure area farmers and NEW Cooperative employees that the proper equipment is in place to increase the chance of survival, in the case of an accident. NEW Cooperative makes a point to support our area fire departments because of their importance to the agriculture industry.

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