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Precision Hardware Tech – Fort Dodge, IA

Precision Hardware Tech

Location: Fort Dodge

Classification: Full-Time

Description: Promote customer sales and service of precision hardware equipment by communicating to the customer information on the products, services, and support that can be provided. Talk through the selling objectives, close the sale and maintain the pricing structure provided. Maintain relationships with customers through customer support and services provided after the sale.

Job Performance Skills:


Comes to work on time every day. Is fully prepared and ready to work at the beginning of the work schedule and continues until the work day is done. Makes appropriate arrangements when adverse weather or other problems might delay on-time arrival. Conforms to work hours and schedule. Lets the supervisor and others know immediately when unexpected problems cause absence, lateness, or the need to leave early.

Customer Focus

Knows his/her customers and can describe their expectations. Manages customer expectations. Meets all of the expectations of both internal and external customers.
Gains customers’ trust and respect. Actively seeks customers’ feedback on the quality of service he provides. Quickly solves customer problems.

Initiative/Action Orientation

Displays a high energy level. Enjoys working hard. Self-starter; doesn’t wait to be told to take action. Looks for opportunities to do extra work in order to help a project move along. Willingly puts in extra time and effort in crisis situations. Displays an obvious sense of urgency. Does more than what is normally required. Volunteers readily.

Relationship Building

Builds and maintains a network of contacts useful in achieving work-related goals. Extends and accepts invitations from others to build effective working relationships. Skilled in building rapport with a wide variety of individuals. Understands the balance between taking time to build rapport and getting the work done. Sensitive to what people around him/her are feeling. Promotes the contributions and accomplishments of customers or clients to others. Enthusiastic about others’ ideas.

Selling Skills

Effectively determines customer needs, wants, and budget. Applies knowledge of products and services to meet customer requirements. Demonstrates mastery of all essential selling techniques: prospecting, cold calling, qualifying, writing proposals, closing, etc. Salvages lost sales. Maintains complete, accurate and timely sales records. Achieves sales quota. Assures post-sale customer satisfaction.

Time Management

Spends her/his time and the time of others on that which is genuinely important. Able to distinguish between the truly important and the merely urgent. Respects customers’ and colleagues’ time in scheduling and conducting meetings. Shows up for meetings on time, fully prepared. Works on tasks in order of importance. Realistically estimates time requirements. Makes up a schedule for jobs and sticks to it. Does work in order of importance; does first things first.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Include but not limited to the following:

• Sell/Service/Support Precision Hardware Equipment

• Prepare Precision Hardware estimates and quotes

• Troubleshoot hardware and assist growers with system issues

• Assist with inventory management of precision ag hardware

• Professional interaction with growers and co-workers

• Attend trade shows and talk with potential customers

• Precision Hardware installation of equipment

• Precision Ag software skills – Display setups and boundary management and related tasks to support devices and related equipment

• Perform equipment firmware updates

• Planter meter calibration and maintenance

• Participate in grower meetings and present precision hardware concepts

• Perform other duties to complete the job tasks that are involved with our business

Position Requirements:

• A 4-year degree in precision agriculture or equivalent experience with a working knowledge of precision agriculture hardware is required

• Must have the ability to learn and continue education on precision hardware

• Must be able to effectively communicate and present technical information to groups

• Ability to troubleshoot electrical and hydraulic systems

• A farm or related experience background with a general knowledge of agronomy, equipment, and operations

• Strong computer skills and the ability to solve complex problems

• Must be able to work well in a team environment

• Have the ability to communicate both verbally and through email.

• Must have an acceptable driving record and be insurable to drive.


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