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IT Field Service Technician – Fort Dodge, IA

IT Field Service Technician

Location:                     Fort Dodge

Classification:             Full Time

Description:                Provides on-site field support to end-users. Performs PC installations, repairs, upgrades/migrations and maintenance on software/hardware equipment. Install and maintain a wireless point to point network hardware.

Job Performance Skills:


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of his/her work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Does not make excuses or blame others for errors or problems.  Carries his/her fair share of the workload.


Comes to work on time every day. Is fully prepared and ready to work at the beginning of the work schedule and continues until the workday is done. Makes appropriate arrangements when adverse weather or other problems might delay on-time arrival. Conforms to work hours and schedules. Lets the supervisor and others know immediately when unexpected problems cause absence, lateness, or the need to leave early.

Communication Skills

Presents ideas effectively in formal and informal situations. Conveys thoughts clearly and concisely. Listens actively and attentively; asks good questions. Communicates well in writing. Keeps the supervisor and coworkers informed. Shares complete and accurate information with others. Messages have the desired effect.

Learning and Continuous Improvement

Actively acquires new skills and competencies. Shares knowledge, skills, tools and methods with others to help them solve problems and improve performance. Treats negative feedback and experiences as learning opportunities. Seeks information and ideas from many places. Looks for better ways to perform routine parts of the job. Open to suggestions and new ideas.

Teamwork/ Team Player

Fulfills commitments to other team members. Puts team success ahead of individual success. Doesn’t hog the credit for others’ work. Works comfortably with all team members. Takes charge when it is necessary to facilitate an action or decision. Volunteers to help others with projects or assignments. Gives and welcomes feedback. Expresses disagreement constructively. Listens to and responds constructively to all team members. Balances team and individual responsibilities.

Time Management

Spends his/her time and the time of others on that which is genuinely important. Able to distinguish between the truly important and the merely urgent. Respects customers’ and colleagues’ time in scheduling and conducting meetings. Shows up for meetings on time, fully prepared. Works on tasks in order of importance. Realistically estimates time requirements. Makes up a schedule for jobs and sticks to it. Does work in order of importance; does first things first.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:  Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provides on-site field support to end-users including installation, and servicing and repairing PC systems and equipment. Verifies the operational quality of equipment.
  • Must exhibit good analytical and problem-solving skills. Resolve end-user issues in the areas of hardware/software installation, repair, upgrade, and maintenance.
  • Assists in investigating and resolving complex installations and maintenance matters of significance.
  • Instructs end users in the operation and maintenance of systems/equipment.
  • Ensures issues are referred or escalated to the appropriate personnel/service areas for follow up, testing and troubleshooting and proper process/documentation is followed completely.
  • Acts as a liaison with end-users on administrative and technical matters for assigned projects.
  • Performs analysis and prepares reports on system problem trends and issues.
  • This position is subject to the following work environment:
    • Day to day maybe office environment or production feed/agronomy services type environment
    • Outdoor work may be required
    • Work at heights may be required
    • May occasionally require weekend or beyond 8-5 work schedule
    • Overnight travel may be required

Position Requirements:

  • 2-year degree in related field or 2-years of related work experience.
  • Must have an acceptable driving record.
  • Understand the seasonality of the farm supply business and the in-season time commitment.
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