Current Job Opportunities

NEW Cooperative Human Resources has made it their mission to provide a positive work environment for employees that encourages professional development and teamwork.We encourage you to consider joining NEW Cooperative and becoming a part of the most progressive agriculture cooperative in the Midwest.

All applications for NEW Cooperative job positions are filled out online and can be found by clicking on the job titles below. If you have any questions pertaining to current job postings or the application process, please contact Human Resources at (515) 955-9017.

For more information on careers at NEW Cooperative, view "Your Cooperative, Your Future" recruitment literature here.


Title Date Posted Facility
Custom Applicator  Dec 8, 2014  Pomeroy, IA  
Custom Applicator  Jan 7, 2015  Duncombe, IA  
Custom Applicator  Jan 12, 2015  Glidden, IA  
Feed Mill Manager  Dec 22, 2014   
Feed Mill Operator  Jan 22, 2015  Duncombe, IA  
Feed Mill Operator - Night Shift  Jan 19, 2015  Lidderdale, IA  
Feed Truck Driver  Dec 1, 2014  Lidderdale, IA  
Future Openings  Dec 1, 2014   
Location Manager  Nov 24, 2014  Bode, IA  
Location Manager  Dec 9, 2014  Woolstock, IA