The NEW Cooperative Grain Department has made it their commitment to seeing that member's have access to the most up to date ag-markets and services.Efficiency is made evident through the speed and capacity found at each of our local elevators.The welcoming grain staffs at each of our locations are there to assist in making sure your deliveries are handled easily and timely.

Our grain services extend further, by offering producers multiple tools for marketing their grain.Assurance is found in the NEW Cooperative Grain Department as they continue to serve their customers in the most profitable and efficient manner.In today's market, producers need reliable service and professional experience to assist in making their farming business successful, and at NEW Cooperative, you will find both.



NEW Coop Cash Bid History

A complete history of daily corn and bean cash bid prices beginning in November 2011 to present. Information is maintained in a spreadsheet format and updated at the end of each month.


Name Title Email
Mark Walter Grain Manager  


Name Title Email
Adria Butler Grain Accounting  
Jef Cook Grain Merchandiser  
Troy Essing Grain Merchandiser  
Nate Seeden Grain Merchandiser  
Vaughn Werning Grain Controller