Feed Department

NEW Cooperative Feed Department stands by its mission of being committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by blending knowledge, experience and technology to maximize our customers' productivity and profitability. We strive to produce quality feed products that fit the needs of the producer and their livestock.

With the ability to customize bulk rations, grind and mix with computer-controlled automation, all the while using the highest quality ingredients, it is easy to take pride in the products purchased from NEW Cooperative.

We will continue to stay committed to our customer's feed needs and provide the exceptional service and customer satisfaction they have come to expect.



For General Inquiries or to place a Feed Order, please contact our Customer Service Group in Fort Dodge:




                Toll Free Phone:  855-955-9050


Mill Phone Numbers

Duncombe Feed Mill

302 Simpson Ave


Palmer Feed Mill

206 Main St


Bode Feed Mill

12 Bode Ave


Lidderdale Feed Mill

310 East Railroad St.



NEW Cooperative currently has numerous request for pig spaces, all across our service area.  If you have spaces you’re looking to fill, we’d be happy to put you in contact with people that fit your needs.  Whether it’s Nursery spaces, Wean to Finish, or Feeder to Finish spaces, large or small, we may be able to assist in getting it filled.  Please call the Customer Service number at 515-955-9050 or email us at for more information.

NEW Cooperative has begun construction on an expansion of their existing Feed Mill in Lidderdale.  The project will involve the installation of a new feed pelleting tower, housing two – 40 TPH pellet systems, capable of producing up to 2000 tons/day of pelleted feed for area livestock producers.  The project is also adding 450 tons of additional ingredient storage capacity and 18 new feed load-out bins, which will provide 1,200 tons of processed feed storage.  NEW Cooperative believes that in order to provide the best value to its owner’s grain, and to maximize the utilization of the Lidderdale feed mill, this expansion is necessary.  The project is expected to be completed In September of 2014, and is the largest single expansion project in NEW Cooperative's 40 year history. 





Name Title Email
Kent Nolting Feed Manager  


Name Title Email
Alex Baker  
Chris Bormann Livestock Production Specialist  
Travis Hodges Duncombe Mill Manager  
David Krienke Feed Mill Manager  
Jennifer Sibbit Feed Customer Service Manager