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Feed Purchasing/Accounts Payable Technician - Fort Dodge, IA


Location: Fort Dodge

Classification: Full-time

Description: Responsible for buying, tracking of ingredients and accounts payable functions.

Job Performance Skills:


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of his/her work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Doesn’t make excuses or blame others for errors or problems. Carries his/her fair share of the workload.

Ethics and Integrity

Respects and maintains confidentiality. Admits mistakes in spite of the potential for negative consequences. Presents unpleasant or disagreeable facts in an appropriate manner. Keeps promises; meets goals and deadlines. Avoids situations and associations that could be considered inappropriate. Honest in all dealings. Upholds and models organization’s values.

 Planning and Organizing

Maintains well-organized materials, files, systems and tools. Breaks work down into logical steps. Anticipates and eliminates roadblocks and delays. Stays within allotted time for accomplishing tasks. Completes tasks in the shortest, most efficient manner. Makes sure all parts of a job are completed in full, including follow-up plans and paperwork.

Stress Management

Stays calm in a crisis. Maintains self-control when under pressure. Maintains a positive attitude, is friendly, courteous, helpful, and has a sense of humor in difficult or emotionally-charged situations. Able to handle several tasks or challenges at the same time. Actively resolves conflicts and demonstrates effective conflict management skills. Controls his/her response when provoked, attacked, annoyed, or criticized. Works effectively for multiple supervisors.

Time Management

Spends his/her time and the time of others on that which is genuinely important. Able to distinguish between the truly important and the merely urgent. Respects customers’ and colleagues’ time in scheduling and conducting meetings. Shows up for meetings on time, fully prepared. Works on tasks in order of importance. Realistically estimates time requirements. Makes up a schedule for jobs and sticks to it. Does work in order of importance; does first things first.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities: Includes but is not limited to the following:

Feed Purchasing/Ingredients:

• Obtain ingredients and prices from suppliers and scheduling deliveries.

• Enter purchase orders in Feed Mill Manager. Communicate purchase orders to suppliers.

• Manage delivery and purchasing schedules for ingredients. Communicating to appropriate mill personnel.

• Work directly with the mills and their ordering needs, inventory levels change often.

• Work directly with customers on their specific ingredient needs and usage.

• Manage obsolete inventory among mills to get it used.

• Purchase order worksheet; manage & maintain.

• Enter ingredient receiving’s when time allows (back up).

• New inventory item setup.

Accounts Payable Functions:

• Process commodity invoices. Verify all invoice variances have been approved, adjusted and all information is correct in Feed Mill Manager.

• ACH Payments

• Issue checks for payment, take applicable discounts and mail checks after obtaining authorized signature.

• Process contract hauler invoices for payment.

• Process contract freight information tracking tons, miles, cost per ton, payment, etc.

Other Duties:

• Cross trained in other areas of the department.

• Process Improvement

• Possesses problem solving capability and understands operational processes.

Position Requirements:

•Proven accounting experience or equivalent Associate’s Degree in Accounting

•Substantiated skills in keyboarding and ten key calculator

•Maintains professionalism and confidentiality 

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